Federal, State & Local Tax Strategies & Planning

The State of California imposes a complex morass of taxes on business and non-business income, property, sales, insurance, gaming, fuel and numerous other activities. The Firm’s proven ability to structure and operate businesses in the most tax-efficient manner possible is vital to our clients’ business and personal success.

The Glaser Weil Tax attorneys are adept at conceiving and structuring transactions to minimize state and local taxes, in multiple areas of enormous concern in California. Our lawyers routinely resolve a myriad of complex and unique issues arising out of the character of income, sales and property tax exemptions and the existence of tax situs. Our clients include citizens of foreign countries who receive income from California-based transactions, international financial institutions, foreign investors in California real estate, as well as U.S. businesses and residents of other states with business interests in California.

In addition, our lawyers have considerable experience in federal matters and successfully represent clients before federal courts and agencies. We regularly negotiate settlements with the IRS involving disputed taxes, and also pursue administrative appeals in complicated tax matters. The fact that several key tax partners served as trial attorneys for the IRS and the Tax Division of the Department of Justice further enhances the sophisticated representation and comprehensive value that we offer clients.

Glaser Weil’s Tax lawyers are veterans of decades of tax law and have represented clients with significant tax controversies. The strength of the Tax Department is our team of tax professionals – the mastery, experience, enthusiasm, imagination and client care we bring to bear in solving client problems is apparent in every matter we address