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Over the years, the litigation attorneys at Glaser Weil have earned victory after victory for a broad range of clients, thus cementing our reputation as a premier litigation powerhouse. Time and again, high profile, sophisticated clients turn to Glaser Weil to handle their most critical disputes where the stakes can be monumental, the challenges daunting and the issues far-reaching and complex. Our winning track record is fueled by the unique combination of tenacity, skill and an unbridled commitment to providing the most positive resolution to our client’s litigation matters. This is what distinguishes and defines Glaser Weil’s litigators — an unmatched level of personal attention our trial lawyers provide to our clients and every case they may bring to us.

While many law firms boast a litigation department comprised of "trial lawyers," what sets the litigation team apart at Glaser Weil is the fact that the Firm’s litigators — from the newly minted to the most veteran and acclaimed — actually try cases. Our litigators appear in state and federal court, in arbitrations and before administrative and other governmental tribunals.

Patricia Glaser, who is widely recognized as one of the top trial lawyers in California and the nation, chairs the Firm's Litigation Department. As described by Chambers and Partners, Ms. Glaser "impresses clients with her ‘tenacity, zealous defense and tactical deference for judges in the face of adversity.’ She maintains a broad commercial practice and is called upon by businesses throughout various industries for her incisive representation.” Fiercely dedicated to her clients, Ms. Glaser heads a team of top trained, seasoned litigators from a variety of backgrounds who share a deep passion and commitment to addressing their clients’ business and personal objectives.

The Firm’s reputation for a willingness of taking cases to trial has one clear, immediate advantage: Our client’s adversaries realize that Glaser Weil is a litigation force to be reckoned with — one that will go the distance when required, leaving no stone unturned or option ignored to obtain the most positive outcome for our clients. Our litigators are known for their masterful, innovative strategy and meticulous preparation, as well as unwavering determination and dedication to resolving our client’s issues. It’s no surprise, then, that the Firm is often retained at the eleventh hour by clients looking for the litigation skills to either win at trial or resolve a case that many other attorneys have deemed too difficult, chancy or, in many instances, simply lost causes.

Because our approach to litigation integrates well-considered aggressiveness with pragmatism, our lawyers are able to deliver cost-effective optimum results. We understand and are sensitive to client concerns about runaway costs and out-of-control lawyering. With this in mind, the Firm is committed to budgeting and curbing litigation expense. We consult closely with clients from the outset of every matter to establish an efficient and clearly defined litigation strategy. This practice, in addition to the Firm’s low partner to associate ratio, ensures that we consistently represent our clients in the most focused, personalized and economical fashion possible.

Certain litigation matters require that a case is resolved at trial. In other litigation matters, we work closely with our clients to avoid protracted litigation in court. In these circumstances, the Firm has demonstrated ingenuity and creativity in resolving our client’s issues through summary disposition and alternative dispute resolution. We handle all aspects of litigation, including corporate investigations and litigation assessments all the way through an appeal. We try cases before various fact finders, including judges, commissioners, juries, arbitrators and government and regulatory boards.

In the end, it’s all about one thing: Obtaining the most positive outcomes for our litigation clients, however seemingly simple or complex the matter may be.