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Insurance Coverage

Glaser Weil has an excellent record in resolving insurance coverage disputes, maximizing recoveries and avoiding expensive litigation on behalf of our insurance clients. To succeed at this, our coverage lawyers excel in thorough research, cogent analysis and informed, compelling advocacy.

One of the Firm’s nonnegotiable goals is to obtain outcomes that are favorable and cost effective. As a result, when the Firm’s insurer clients deny coverage based on the coverage group's advice, those denials are rarely challenged. Likewise, when we are representing policyholder clients, our coverage group frequently persuades the insurer to provide coverage without filing suit.

Glaser Weil’s acknowledged reputation as superior litigators helps us to facilitate insurance settlements. Rather than face the Firm's formidable insurance litigation attorneys, most adversaries prefer to work with us to reach a reasonable and speedy resolution.

Our insurance coverage lawyers have several distinct areas of expertise, including title insurance. When we are representing title insurance companies, we perform detailed investigations, provide coverage advice, interact with the insured and their counsel and represent our clients at mediations. Glaser Weil has extensive experience handling issues related to creditors' rights coverage in major bankruptcy cases, mechanic's lien coverage involving large hotel, commercial and residential projects, as well as the gamut of liens and encumbrances that may become the subject of title insurance claims.

Glaser Weil’s depth of cooperation across our many practice areas ensures that the right lineup of talent is assembled for every insurance matter. The Firm has created a special team consisting of coverage and real estate transactional attorneys who work together closely to resolve title insurance claims and problems through real estate restructuring and/or workouts. Their inventive solutions allow projects to be completed with no loss to the client title company.

The Firm’s litigation, real estate and coverage lawyers also collaborate to achieve outstanding results in obtaining recovery of amounts paid on claims from the parties whose negligence caused the loss, including guarantors and indemnitors. On many occasions, Glaser Weil has obtained policy limit settlements from negligent parties without filing a complaint.