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Land Use & Government Regulatory

Guiding businesses and individuals through the intricacies of local requirements and procedures demands extensive knowledge of both governmental law and operations. It is this expertise that you can depend on from Glaser Weil’s Land Use & Government Regulatory Department.

Glaser Weil provides clients with a full range of land use, entitlement, environmental, and subdivision services that real estate developers need to ensure that their projects are completed as smoothly and expeditiously as possible. Our land use lawyers’ understanding of development, real estate and the political and administrative process, as well as their commanding legal knowledge and relationships with city staffers, help developers successfully steer through the complex landscape of local rules, regulations and laws that govern many land use projects.

Our team focuses on representing clients before all agencies, departments and officials of municipal and county governments, as well as special districts throughout California. Our clients know that any contract, permit or entitlement with a governmental entity requires navigating the legislative and regulatory systems of a locality’s complex rules. Glaser Weil’s land use and government regulatory law practitioners have decades of experience representing clients through a broad range of activity, including entitlements, leases and licenses, public-private partnerships, land-use projects and contracts for sales or services, among many other areas of activity that involves government approval or regulation. Many of our practitioners previously worked for local governmental entities or served on local commissions, giving them a deep understanding of legislative and administrative procedures and agency culture as well as connections with key staffers on various agencies and departments.

Land Use, Entitlements and Environmental Compliance

In addition to furnishing Glaser Weil’s services across the spectrum of land use, entitlement, environmental, and subdivision services for real estate professionals, our government and regulatory lawyers are also experienced in real estate law and the business of development. The group understands the complexities of small and large projects. Often working as a team, Glaser Weil attorneys help developers successfully entitle and build a variety of different projects. 

Glaser Weil also provides assistance for property owners by conducting due diligence, along with zoning, subdivision and environmental planning analysis.

The group’s proven track record of working proactively and successfully with the various governmental agencies that impact a project’s outcome is invaluable to our clients. We regularly work with counties, cities, special districts and redevelopment agencies, along with the California Coastal Commission, on behalf of our clients.

Glaser Weil’s clients also turn to our attorneys because of our extensive experience with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), both in reviewing documentation for compliance with CEQA/NEPA and advising clients and agencies as to appropriate compliance methods for existing and future projects.

Finally, Glaser Weil’s expert litigation team works closely with our government and regulatory attorneys to defend challenges to projects in state and federal courts.

Government Relations

In business and government, as in life, personal relationships make all the difference. The years of experience in and around local governments give our lawyers the ability to provide top quality, substantive, government relations services to our clients. In addition to legal services, Glaser Weil helps clients design custom plans to develop the deep and quality relationships with elected and appointed officials needed to conduct business with local governments.

Government Regulation Advice and Advocacy

Glaser Weil represents clients before administrative agencies and all commissions, boards and bureaus of local government. Our attorneys have significant experience in drafting and proposing new regulations, developing support or opposition to the implementation of regulations and advocating policy interpretations to match client goals.