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In today’s complex and fast moving regulatory climate, clients need a creative and nimble legal team that intimately understands the often arcane rules that can impact the future of their businesses. Glaser Weil is that firm.

Our ability to foresee and sidestep problems, as well as identify opportunities, has allowed us to wisely advise our clients on virtually every aspect of environmental and energy regulatory law. We help clients navigate a vast array of complex compliance obligations relating to waste, air and water pollution and many other environmental and energy issues. These include: spill reporting requirements, oil lease regulatory provisions, wetlands regulations, solid and hazardous waste management, air and water quality requirements and refinery regulation and decommissioning. Our attorneys command substantial skill and experience in managing and crafting compliance strategies for environmental cleanups.

The matters we handle are vast and eclectic. In fact, one of our attorneys has spent decades advising a petroleum trade association regarding a host of issues relating to producing, refining, transporting and marketing petroleum and petroleum products. Other recent engagements include assisting a developer in the hospitality industry with respect to air permitting issues for one of the largest hotel developments in the world, representing a drum recycling company accused of criminal conduct and exposed to civil statutory penalties for violating environmental laws and handling the commissioning of a refinery.

Consistent with the depth and breadth of our practice, the Firm’s longstanding, productive relationships with many players in the regulatory arena are invaluable to our clients. The Environmental and Energy Department frequently interfaces with regulatory authorities in negotiation of reasonable abatement and cleanup requirements and the procurement of permits and approvals. Our lawyers also have substantial experience working with environmental consultants and managing large-scale remediation.

Glaser Weil represents numerous enterprises charged with regulatory violations, and often defends them before such administrative agencies as the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, California Water Resources Control Board, the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and the state Public Utility Commission and Department of Toxic Substances Control.

The Department’s range of experience further includes emergent programs, such as climate change regulation, and has provided counsel on the impact of regulatory programs relating to greenhouse gas restrictions, including AB32 and California’s proposed cap-and-trade program.

In this complicated regulatory environment, clients routinely trust Glaser Weil’s Environmental and Energy Regulatory team to guide them in ways that protect their ability not only to safely and effectively conduct business, but also to thrive.