Patty Glaser and Client on Today Show to Discuss Sperm Donor Rights Case

Glaser Weil Partner Patty Glaser and client, Danielle Schreiber, appeared on the Today show Monday to discuss Ms. Schreiber's case involving her former boyfriend, actor Jason Patric, and the son she birthed three years ago with his donated sperm. The case is at the center of state legislation aimed at changing sperm donors' rights, as Mr. Patric is fighting for partial custody of the boy.

"The facts, the law, common sense are on Danielle's side in this case. The law in California could not be clearer," Ms. Glaser said on the Today show.

Mr. Patric had the opportunity to be a parent to the boy, but he chose not to, Ms. Glaser said. At Ms. Schreiber's discretion, he may be allowed to be a part of the child's life, Ms. Glaser added.


"Glaser Weil Attorneys Handle Case At Center of Possible New Sperm Donor Rights"