Patty Glaser and Kerry Garvis Wright Settle Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit

With only five days before a scheduled trial date, the Firm was asked to substitute in as defense counsel in a multi-defendant, multi-million dollar lawsuit that had defied all previous attempts at settlement. The Firm’s clients were being sued for breach of contract, fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, among other claims, by parties claiming to have formed a business partnership with the Firm’s clients. After obtaining a brief 90-day continuance, Ms. Glaser and Ms. Garvis Wright were fully prepared to proceed to trial; however, literally on the eve of trial, the trial judge ordered the parties to participate in a mandatory settlement conference. Glaser Weil was able to negotiate a confidential settlement on terms favorable to its clients.

Litigation associates Lisa Zepeda and Robert Merten, along with one of the Firm’s paralegals, were invaluable members of the trial team.