Update On Los Angeles’s Potential New Zoning Code

On June 19, 2012, the City Council approved the Comprehensive Zoning Code Revision Ordinance, through which the City Council:

  • Approved $990,000 from the City’s Construction Services Trust Fund to pay for the first year of a five-year work program to revise the City’s Zoning Code;
  • Authorized the Director of Planning to prepare and release a Request for Proposals to select the Zoning Code reform consultant team;
  • Instructed the City Planning Department to include in the annual budgetary process a funding request to complete the zoning code revision project;
  • Instructed the City Planning Department to provide quarterly status reports on the Zoning Code Revision Project; and
  • Requested that the City Attorney prepare and present an ordinance to increase the general plan maintenance fee from 3% to 5% for five years (with a sunset clause).

The Comprehensive Zoning Code Revision Ordinance still has to be approved by Mayor Villaraigosa before anyone can start drafting a new Zoning Code. However, the City Council’s approval brings the City one step closer to a new-and-improved Zoning Code!