Mayor Villaraigosa Supports Measure R Plus

As we reported here at the Land Use Lab, in January of this year, Assemblyman Michael Feuer (D-Los Angeles), the author of Measure R, introduced AB 1446, which proposed to extend Measure R for an additional, unspecified period of time. AB 1446 has been nicknamed “Measure R Plus” because it is an extension of the original Measure R.

On April 18, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa expressed his support for Measure R Plus in his State of the City address at Paramount Studios. The mayor’s position should not have surprised anyone, since Mayor Villaraigosa is the chairman of Metro’s Board of Directors.
In his speech, Mayor Villaraigosa promised the completion of 12 major light rail, bus and subway projects in one decade, if Measure R Plus passes.

However, Metro’s Board of Directors has not yet approved Measure R Plus, and such approval is a requirement before Measure R Plus can appear on any ballot.
Instead, on May 17, Metro issued a staff report on various Measure R project acceleration methodologies and concluded that passage of Measure R Plus was the superior choice. However, Metro did not go so far as to recommend that Measure R Plus appear on November’s ballot – yet!

Metro’s report can be referenced through this link: