Los Angeles Could Get A New Zoning Code

The Los Angeles City’s Planning Department is considering a re-write of its entire 600-page Zoning Code that dates back to 1946.

The City’s Planning Department has asked the City Council to request $990,000 from the Construction Services Trust Fund (CSTF) for the first year of a five-year work program to completely revise the City’s Zoning Code. The City’s Planning Department wants to establish a brand new zoning structure for the City of Los Angeles and has proposed that the updated Zoning Code will “include clear and predictable language that will offer a wider variety of zoning options to more effectively implement the goals and objectives of the General Plan and accommodate the City’s future needs and development opportunities.”

Over the course of five years, the Planning Department intends to produce:

  • A clear and predictable Zoning Code that will allow for a customized and interactive on-line experience;
  • A series of easy-to-read guides to the Zoning Code that will help people navigate through regulations and procedures; and
  • A new set of zoning tools for the revitalization of Los Angeles’ Downtown area.

It is unclear how a new Zoning Code could affect residents and developers alike. However, one thing is certain: every neighborhood in Los Angeles will be affected if a new Zoning Code is implemented.

To follow the status of the City Council’s decision to overhaul its Zoning Code, click on this link below and enter Council File No. 12-0460: