LA County Updates Its General Plan

California law mandates that every California city and county adopt a comprehensive, long-term general plan. A general plan is a set of written policies and programs that form an outline for the physical development of the community. The general plan typically forms the basis for land use decision-making and is used by city councils and similar government bodies.

In May, Los Angeles County issued a revised draft general plan, which will provide the framework for the unincorporated part of Los Angeles County until 2035. This general plan will be the first since 1980! (That plan expired in 2000.)

The draft general plan anticipates growth throughout Los Angeles County. With that in mind, the major policies included in the draft general plan are:

  • Expanding transit oriented districts where walking, bicycling, and transit use are encouraged;
  • Encouraging mixed use (commercial and residential) development along major commercial corridors near transit stations;
  • Expanding significant ecological areas that contain irreplaceable biological resources;
  • Creating districts of high-employment; and
  • Protecting agricultural resources.

The new general plan is only a draft, and it will likely be 2013 before it is adopted. Nonetheless, it is exciting to think about the future of our City!

If you are interested in reading sections of the draft general plan, click on this link: