Glaser Weil’s Lawrence Hadley Quoted in ‘The Mercury News’ on Silicon Valley Trade Secret Thefts

Glaser Weil Intellectual Property Partner and Chair Lawrence M. Hadley was interviewed by a reporter from The Mercury News regarding a recent lawsuit filed by a former employee of Stampli, a Silicon Valley-based AI-powered accounts payable software company. The employee claimed that he was wrongly terminated by the company after communicating to the CEO that a newly hired executive gave the firm stolen documents and internal systems access belonging to his former employer, Front, a Stampli rival.

Hadley says trade secret theft is “fairly prevalent” and often hard to detect until the stolen information is put in use. He offered that “employers have gotten much smarter about taking steps to try to prevent the problem” even though CEOs are not typically held to the same security practices as other employees.

Hadley’s extensive experience includes intellectual property and complex litigation cases involving computer hardware and software, integrated circuit and processor design, wireless communications, medical devices, Internet communications, compression, and storage. His proficiency in technology has led him to appear in courts across the country and before the United States International Trade Commission.

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