Glaser Weil Wins Apology and More in Malicious Prosecution Suit Win

There is no greater injustice than being wrongfully charged or convicted of a crime, and when Glaser Weil decided to set the record straight for its client David Neuman, it did just that and won big!

Glaser Weil represented former Disney, NBC and CNN executive David Neuman, who was sued for allegedly sexually abusing a teenager during two trips to Hawaii a number of years ago. The plaintiff and his counsel ensured there was significant media attention for the resulting litigation. The Firm immediately assembled substantial evidence demonstrating that Mr. Neuman was entirely innocent of plaintiff’s fictional claims. A motion to dismiss was filed and a motion for sanctions served. Plaintiff dismissed his case before those motions could be heard by the Court.

The plaintiff and his counsel then filed the same lawsuit in a different state, which generated more publicity and media attention. The plaintiff ultimately dismissed that case as well.

At the client’s request, Patty Glaser, Andy Baum and Alex Kargher filed a malicious prosecution suit against both the former plaintiff and the two law firms which had represented him. The result: Mr. Neuman has received a complete apology from both law firms and a confidential amount of monetary compensation. Though prevailing in a malicious prosecution action is very rare, this case was an outstanding exception.

For more details, please view a much lengthier report published in The Hollywood Reporter.