Glaser Weil Partner Kerry Garvis Wright Appointed to Western Justice Center Board

Glaser Weil Partner Kerry Garvis Wright was recently nominated to the Western Justice Center Board of Directors. Ms. Garvis Wright joins a prestigious group of influential Board members, including judges and lawyers, in furthering the WJC’s mission of increasing peaceful conflict resolution and decreasing violence our children’s schools.

“The Western Justice Center’s work on behalf of children is a cause I really believe in,” Ms. Garvis Wright said. “I am honored to be included as a member of the WJC Board and look forward to working to improve the lives, safety and education of children through the Center’s programs.”

Among other work, the WJC focuses on conflict resolution and peer mediation in schools, offering workshops, training and other tools to teachers and students to learn how to intervene in bias-related and other conflicts. It also provides programs that aim to reduce bullying and violence.

Ms. Garvis Wright is a trial lawyer who represents clients across a broad range of businesses. Her primary focus is entertainment and employment law.