Beverly Hills Bar Association’s Webinar “WAR STORIES with Patty Glaser”

Hosted by the Beverly Hills Bar Association, Glaser Weil Partner and Chair of the Litigation Department Patty Glaser will share war stories on the Boxing Helena Trial. The virtual event, taking place on Tuesday, June 23 at 12:30pm PST is the second installment of the Association's "WAR STORIES" series.

According to the website, the MCLE webinar will feature "legendary trial lawyer Patty Glaser" as she talks about her notable trial victory in 1993 against actress Kim Bassinger for reneging on an agreement to appear in the film, Boxing Helena. Additionally, Patty will talk about the case and some of the key issues it explored, such as Hollywood’s reliance on oral agreements and unsigned written agreements, and the agent’s privilege against inducing breach of contract.

The event will close with a Q&A. For more information or to register for the MCLE webinar, please click here.