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Our lawyers bring countless talents and skills to the table.

The high caliber and distinguished track record of our people set Glaser Weil apart. We invite you to contact our attorneys and access their biographical information by selecting any of the options below. Click on a letter to search alphabetically.

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Name Title Phone Vcard Email
Allan, Aaron P. Partner 310.282.6279
Allen, Robert Partner 310.282.6280
Basileo, Steven Of Counsel 310.556.7845
Baum, Andrew Partner 310.282.6298
Benezra, Marc L. Of Counsel 310.556.7895
Bernstein, Matthew P. Associate 310.282.6292
Biz, Myriam Associate 310.553.3000
Bransten, Peter M. Of Counsel 415.510.4815
Buckner, Richard Of Counsel 310.282.6221
Chilton, Elizabeth G. Of Counsel 310.282.6205
Cofer, Grant M. Associate 310.282.6208
Cypers, Michael Partner 310.556.7885
Dabaie, Elias Partner 310.282.6227
Dacus, Christopher Of Counsel 310.556.7812
Gerchik, Julie R. F. Partner 310.282.6206
Glaser, Patricia L. Partner and Chair of the Litigation Department 310.282.6217
Grant, James T. Of Counsel 310.556.7882
Grant, Gali Partner 310.282.6291
Harris, Jill Associate 310.282.6207
Heather, Fred D. Partner and Co-Chair of the Crisis Management & Response Department 310.282.6285
Indeglia, Marc Partner 310.282.6245
Klevens, Joel N. Partner 310.556.7832
Lee, Rob Associate 310.282.6232
Levin, Jesse B. Partner 310.556.7808
Marcus, Craig H. Partner 310.556.7891
Moradzadeh, Simon K. Associate 310.556.7827
Organ, Cynthia E. Associate 310.556.7837
Petrossian, Emil Partner 310.282.6295 (Century City)
Pines, Adam Partner 310.282.6225
Riley, Sean Partner 310.282.6265
Samyan, Emma Associate 310.556.7816
Sargent, James Of Counsel 310.556.7817
Schreier, James S. General Counsel 310.282.6216
Shapiro, Robert Partner 310.556.7886
Sheridan, Peter C. Partner and Chair of the Construction Department 310.282.6243
Suarez, Alexander J. Associate 310.556.7828
Weil, Peter M. Managing Partner and Senior Business and Real Estate Lawyer 310.282.6211
Weiss, Olivia M. Associate 310.556.7806
Wright, Kerry Garvis Partner and Chair of the Employment Department 310.556.7889
Xu, Jared Associate 310.556.7843