Noah Perch-Ahern to Moderate Panel at the Water-Energy Nexus Conference

Noah Perch-Ahern, a Partner in Glaser Weil’s Environmental and Energy Practice Group, will be moderating a panel at the 2017 Water-Energy Nexus Conference entitled “Legal and Regulatory Influence over the Water/Energy Nexus.”  He will be joined by George Minter, Regional Vice President of External Affairs and Environmental Strategy at Southern California Gas Company; David Asti, Principal in Corporate Energy & Environmental Policy at Southern California Edison; and Jamie Ormond, Legal Advisor at California Public Utilities Commission.

This esteemed panel will focus on legal and regulatory issues affecting the water/energy nexus. They will discuss the myriad ways in which legal requirements impact the connection between water and energy, including, on the energy side, how environmental regulations may impact the use and disposal of water used for energy production and generation; and, on the water side, how regulations may impose compliance obligations on energy used or generated by water projects. From fracking to cap-and-trade, this panel will examine some of the major ways in which state and federal regulations impact the water/energy nexus, and how that impact influences the operations of water and energy companies.

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Event Details

February 28-March 1, 2017

Southern California Gas Company
Energy Resources Center
9240 Firestone Boulevard
Downey, CA 90241