Glaser Weil’s entertainment attorneys have been at the cutting edge of turning talent, ideas, vision and drive into success in the business and artistic arenas since the Firm’s earliest days. Our multi-disciplinary, personal and engaged approach to our client matters in the ever-changing entertainment industry has resulted in a practice that is now international in scope and reaches into all corners of the entertainment world. We have represented a full range of clients — from newcomers on the cusp of success to well-recognized Hollywood actors, producers, directors, writers, authors, athletes, songwriters and recording artists, in addition to digital content and intellectual property licensors and licensees.

Well-negotiated and thoughtful contracts often mean the difference between success and failure. Our lawyers handle every aspect of the compensation and labor and employment matrix, including fees, royalties and residuals, and assist the guilds as an advocate for rights under guild agreements. In addition, the Firm negotiates and drafts sophisticated executive employment agreements for both employers and employees.


Our lawyers have worked closely with some of the biggest names in the entertainment world, as well as major television networks and studios, production companies and a celebrated array of talent. We have the experience and access to bring even the most complicated and potentially sensitive transactions to fruition. Because of this, clients turn to Glaser Weil for assistance in all manner of deal financing, including sponsored programs and product placement. Our range of clients is deep and wide — from producers of some of the most popular, culture-defining television shows to smaller production companies pitching their initial projects.

Glaser Weil represents a multitude of clients in this industry with respect to the development, financing, production and distribution of television projects. This includes production legal, development (including rights acquisition and other chain-of-title issues), licensing and distribution agreements for traditional and new media sales. We work with producers of both scripted and unscripted content, including primetime network and cable television programs like "Dancing with the Stars," as well as leading animation companies.

On the financing side, Glaser Weil’s entertainment lawyers have extensive experience negotiating arrangements and preparing contracts for the financing, development and production of film and television projects. These include distribution licenses (such as pre-sales), gap financing, completion bonds, soft money transactions and debt, equity and co-production agreements.

In addition, Glaser Weil’s considerable international legal acumen and resources are invaluable in the increasingly global entertainment market — one that requires the kind of thorough understanding of all available revenue streams, including international sales and formatting rights that we now offer our clients. Our experience in this arena has led a number of major international media companies to turn to Glaser Weil to help them negotiate distribution agreements, including customized video-on-demand offerings.


Today, entertainment and technology are a single value chain, no longer disassociated from each other. Technology enables entertainment and communication and delivers both to our handheld devices, tablets and computers, in addition to our living rooms and cars. Our lawyers regularly work with the world’s leading producers, Internet portals, web publishers, content providers, social media engines and e-commerce companies in the production, distribution and monetization of entertainment and communication through new media.

The Firm was a pioneer in the new media and digital distribution of entertainment when those were still elusive concepts to many. Our attorneys were among the first in Hollywood to negotiate agreements with each major studio for the digital distribution of motion pictures on alternative platforms. In addition, the Firm continues to represent digital marketing companies whose groundbreaking technology is changing the way brands expand their reach. Broadband, wireless and other new media platforms are all a part of the acquisition, development, production and distribution of new media content. We have also advised high-powered media companies, producers, directors, writers, application developers and investors in a myriad of new media and digital transactions. These include: substantial investments in social game applications, the launch of a multi-media platform with significant investments from leading investment funds and music labels and the creation of a web-based series with “A” list actors.

The fact that we operate Glaser Weil as an integrated, interactive whole, with different disciplines working seamlessly together at every turn is critical during times of such tremendous change in the entertainment industry.


The fact that Glaser Weil attorneys thrive on lasting relationships, respect the creative process and understand the underlying currents of the music world is invaluable to the many world-class clients and marquee names we have counseled. Music professionals regularly turn to us to identify and manage risks and maximize opportunities. Recent transactions include: the licensing of master recordings by an international superstar for physical and digital distribution in Asia and the sale of two hit-driven music catalogues. In addition, our lawyers have negotiated a European tour appearance and merchandising agreements for a world-renowned band, as well as employment contracts for two prominent CEOs.


The heart of any great entertainment project lies within its creative ideas — from the underlying concepts to the look and feel of the production to product itself, whether it be on film, television, the Internet or over the airwaves. Glaser Weil’s entertainment attorneys have significant experience protecting client’s intellectual property, but also take advantage of the Firm’s collaborative approach to utilize the award-winning attorneys of our Intellectual Property Practice. The Glaser Weil IP team has extensive experience in the litigation and trial of copyright infringement, validity, ownership and licensing disputes. The Firm represents film and television studios, media and entertainment companies, consumer products companies and individual authors, artists and musicians. Our cases have involved all forms of copyrighted content, including video and board games, films, television programs, scripts, music, advertising, artwork, computer software, databases, graphic design, textiles, and sculptures. We also regularly represent clients in the prosecution and defense of idea theft cases.