Powerful. Passionate. Precise. Proven.

This is Glaser Weil. Your Powerhouse.

Glaser Weil, based in Los Angeles, is one of the country’s premier full-service law firms. Advising a roster of diverse, selective clients — from start-ups and large global corporations to high-profile entertainers and other well-known individuals — Glaser Weil represents clients’ interests with an unprecedented level of dedication and commitment.

Whatever the matter, our commitment to exceptional legal representation remains constant and lays the groundwork for all we do for clients locally, nationally and throughout the world. Since Glaser Weil’s beginnings, we’ve never lost sight of our most non-negotiable mission: To provide our clients with the imaginative, astute, responsive — and enormously dedicated — service that is in their best business and personal interest. Simply put, our clients’ goals are the Firm’s goals, and anything less than top-notch, accomplished and successful representation is not an option.

The depth of our lawyers’ skills and experience, combined with Glaser Weil’s cross-practice, interdisciplinary approach, enables us to best serve our clients expertly in a wide range of matters and venues. Be it at the negotiating table, before legislative and regulatory bodies or in a boardroom or a courtroom — whenever and wherever our clients need us, we are there.

Time and again, our clients have turned to Glaser Weil to handle their most critical matters where the stakes are high and the demands and challenges considerable. In today’s complex, often volatile business and legal environment, it is more important than ever for your advisors and counselors to be more than just knowledgeable, accomplished and rational, but also insightful, forward thinking and masterful — traits that are hallmarks of a Glaser Weil lawyer.

That is not all that distinguishes Glaser Weil and its team of attorneys. The fact that many of our attorneys have worked together for much of their careers fuels a rare, close-knit, collaborative style that differentiates the Firm and allows our lawyers to work together as a cohesive team to achieve superior results for our clients. This approach, in addition to the Firm’s low partner to associate ratio, ensures that we consistently represent our clients in the most focused, customized and cost-effective fashion possible.

In the end, Glaser Weil is defined by our clients’ success and the roles we may have played in assisting them achieve their goals. We work daily to maximize our clients’ business and personal opportunities, overcoming their challenges and problems and always keeping them far, far ahead of the curve.

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Powerful. Passionate. Precise. Proven. These are the qualities that make Glaser Weil Your Powerhouse. We know it’s a big claim, but it’s one that we live up to every day.